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The Sanctuaries of Demeter in Western Asia Minor. - Null) t1_copy0_crossing_w() public void Fruit.t1_copy0_crossing_w() w.t1_copy0() public void Weht.t1_copy0() public void Orange.t1_copy0() super.t1_copy0() pointcut pointcut_t1() (public void t1()) before () pointcut_t1 () println(this Join Point) 31System Architecture 33System Architecture Stub Generationmethod Traversal Generation Compilationshell DAJ Mainshell Traversal Generation shell Traversal Compilation 34 AJ Process Traversal Files User Code to DAJCode Provided by DAJStub Generation Intermediate Files Final Application Traversal Generation Compilation Generated Stubs Class Files Traversal Implementation Traversal Generation Create Class User Code Traversal Compilation Class Files 35Traversal Generation 36Example Run of AJdenali /demeter/daj/dev/basket2 gt java ccs. The Sanctuaries of <em>Demeter</em> in Western Asia Minor. -
Any views expressed in the thesis are those of the author.” Aynur-Michèle-Sara Karataş, ‘The Sanctuaries of Demeter in Western Asia Minor and on the islands off the coast’, University of Bristol.

Demeter and Persephone Essay - 836 Words - StudyMode While we are intrued by ancient myths, the myth of Persephone appears to hold a special place for women. <u>Demeter</u> <u>and</u> Persephone Essay - 836 Words - StudyMode
Goddesses, Demeter, who is the goddess of the grain and harvest, and Persephone, the goddess of spring also queen of the underworld. Demeter is the

Thesis Statement on Demeter and Persephone Category Mythology 6Aspect J Abstraction of Programs Programgt Graph Pointcuts Advice 7Aspect J Abstraction of Programs Class C1Class xwithin(Bar)Aspect Afoo() x 0 if (x lt 0) throw KException before() within(Bar) 8Another View Aspect JAdviceadvice bodypointcutjoin point Java Program 9Demeter 11Demeter Abstraction of Programs Programgt Visitor Advices Strategy Graph Class Graph 12Demeter Abstraction of Programs Class Graph Strategy Graph Traversal Graph Visitor Advicesbefore(..)gtafter(..)before(..) 13Combining Concepts 23A Simple Basket Exampleclass Basket Basket(Fruit _f, Pencil _p) f _f p _p Basket(Fruit _f, Fruit _f2, Pencil _p) f _f f2 _f2 p _p Fruit f, f2 Pencil p class Fruit Fruit(Weht _w) w _w Weht w class Orange extends Fruit Orange(Color _c) super(null) c_c Orange(Color _c, Weht _w) super(_w) c _c Color c class Pencil class Color Color(String _s) s _s String s class Weht Weht(int _i) i _i int i int get_i() return i 24A Simple Basket Example Basketf, f2p Fruit Pencil Orangewc Weht Colorint is String 25Basket Visitorclass Basket Visitor int total public void start() total 0 public int return Value() return total void before(Weht w) total w.get_i() 26Basket Traversalaspect Basket Traversal Class Graph default Class Graph my Class Graph new Class Graph(default, "from Basket to ") Visitor Basket Visitor declare traversal t1(my Class Graph, Basket Visitor) "from Basket to Weht" declare traversal t2(my Class Graph, Basket Visitor) "from Basket via Orange to Weht" 27Basket Main class Basket Main static public void main(String args) throws Exception Basket b new Basket(new Orange(new Color("orange"), new Weht(5)), new Fruit( new Weht(10)), new Pencil() ) Basket Visitor bv new Basket Visitor() b.t1(bv) int total Weht bv.return Value() println("Total weht of basket " total Weht) b.t2(bv) total Weht bv.return Value() println("Total weht2 of basket " total Weht) 28Generated Code for Visitor static Basket Visitor t1_visitor public void Basket.t1(Basket Visitor v) t1_visitorv t1_visitor.start() t1() before(Weht host) (public void t1()) target(host) t1_visitor.before(host) void Basket.t1() t1_copy0() 29Basket Class Graph Basketf, f2p Fruit Pencil Orangewc Weht Colorint is String 30Generated Code for Traversal // traversal t1 source Basket -gt target Weht with public void Basket.t1_copy0() if (f ! null) t1_copy0_crossing_f2() public void Basket.t1_copy0_crossing_f() f.t1_copy0() public void Basket.t1_copy0_crossing_f2() f2.t1_copy0() public void Fruit.t1_copy0() if (w ! <em>Thesis</em> Statement on <em>Demeter</em> <em>and</em> Persephone Category Mythology
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