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The Turner Theses These questions, along with the mystique of the frontier, sparked my interest in the subject of the frontier. P6 Of special interest is chapter VII, "Abundance and the Frontier". The general image of the West would change, becoming less sensational, and more concerned with adaptation. "Lessons in Conquest: Towards a Greater Western History." . New Western historians seem only to be concerned with rewriting frontier history for the plains and westward. An essay which specifiy examines the relationship between Cauhilla Indians and the newcomer Anglo settlers in the Palm Springs area. The <u>Turner</u> Theses
The Turner Theses. The central thesis about the frontier coined by Frederick Jackson Turner, commonly ed the frontier thesis, has to do with the orins of the American national character.

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There are many things to show that Turner’s thesis was off beam. The Homestead Act was one such thing. This act gave every person who wanted it the opportunity to take free land.

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